The Bear is an antagonist of Disney's 1981 animated movie The Fox and the Hound. The Bear doesn't tolerate intruders. If anyone trespasses, the bear will kill them. The bear has red eyes and black fur and lives in the game preserve.

Role in the filmEdit

The Bear first appeared when Amos and Copper were in the woods. Amos and Copper accidentally disturbed the Bear. The Bear swiped at Amos Slade causing him to tumble over the hillside, and the Bear was charging towards Amos. While Amos Slade tries to escape from the Bear, the trap snapped on Amos' leg, and his gun was still caught on a tree. Furious that the Bear won't let his trespassers leave his territory. Copper tried to protect his master. Fearlessly he lunged at the huge Bear, but, Copper was small, and agile for the beast. The Bear knocked Copper to the ground. Copper was now overwhelmed by the beast. Tod, heard Copper, and ran to help his childhood friend. The Bear came closer to Copper, and was about to give a swipe, Tod intervened to save Copper against his better judgement. Tod lured the Bear onto the old log. Tod held on dear life. The Bear was close behind, but, the Bear was too heavy for the old log. The Bear was about to give Tod a final swipe, the log was split in half and both of them have plunged into the river many meters below. Tod survived the fall while the Bear was driven away by the current.


  • The Bear was animated by Glen Keane who also did Ratigan the villain from The Great Mouse Detective.
  • The Bear was the only antagonist in The Fox and the Hound to die.