Chief is a minor protagonist of The Fox and the Hound.


Chief is an old and protective dog and he likes being the best hunting dog. Like his master he doesn't like wild animals who trespass the farm.

Likes and dislikes Edit

Likes: Edit

  • His owner
  • Sleeping
  • Home
  • Copper
  • Sitting in the front seat of Amos Slade's truck
  • Being the best hunting dog

Dislikes: Edit

  • Being disturbed.
  • Getting hit by trains
  • Foxes
  • Copper getting to be the best hunting dog


  • Chief is an Irish Wolfhound, the same breed as Sparky from Lady and the Tramp 2 Scamp's Adventure.
  • Chief seems to treat Copper like a father figure.
  • Chief was going to be killed by the train but, Art Stevens didn't want that to happen, so Chief survives.
  • Chief's barks are recycled sound effects from Old Yeller from the same old movie.
  • In the original film Chief never spoke to Tod but, in the midquel he speaks to him.
  • He is often nicknamed Chief ol Boy by Amos.
  • He was voiced by the late Pat Buttram who did the voice of Napoleon from the Aristocats.
  • He has the same eyebrows as his master Amos Slade.
  • The color of his collar is red.
  • Like his master he doesn't like wild animals who trespass on the farm.