Amos Slade (simply known as Amos) is a supporting protagonist of The Fox and the Hound. He is the owner his property.
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He might have a crush on Widow Tweed hinting in the midquel.


Amos Slade is a protective old man who loves his dogs very much. However he can get angry if his chickens were chased. However he showed remorse when Tod saved him from the dangerous bear.


  • In the first film he was played by the late actor Jack Albertson, and then Jeff Bennet in the midquel.
  • Amos Slade is a chicken farmer.
  • Amos Slade has two pet dogs named Chief and Copper.
  • Amos's truck is a 1923 Ford Model T. However in the first movie it is shown never to have a windshield but, in the second film it does. It was either a fix or replacement.
  • Amos resembles the Milkman from the Aristocats.
  • Amos has the same eyebrows as his oldest dog, Chief.
  • Amos was animated by John Pomeroy and Ron Husband.
  • According to Chief, Amos cooks grits and fatback.
  • Amos Slade keeps animal skins in his shed.
  • Amos and Chief were the only characters to redeem in the end.
  • He is very professional at hunting.
  • His last name is Slade which means little valley.
  • Amos's performance model was Art Stevens.
  • He is Widow Tweed's neighbor.
  • Amos in Hebrew means carried, strong, or brave.
  • The color of his hat is olive green.
  • Amos Slade's gun is a rifle.
  • It is unknown what happened to Amos Slade's wife.
  • Like Chief he doesn't like wild animals who trespass on the farm.